Envision 2.1 Release visit: GRAMS Product Page


Read the following items to familiarize yourself with the contents, requirements and issues with this release:
Product Release Notes: The GRAM Envision 2.1 Release Notes describes new and revised functionality in this version and provides a list of fixed defects.
Installation Guide: The GRAMS Envision Installation Guide describe the process of installing the GRAMS Envision application.
User Guide: The GRAMS Envision User Guide Provides instructions on the use of Envision (this is also available from the Help menu of the application).

Installation Files:

The Envision installation files and release documentation are packaged as an ISO disc image. Download the file and save it locally on your computer, then double-click on it to mount it as a CD-ROM drive.

There are two separate installation files within the package:

  • EnvisionInstall.exe - This file will install the GRAMS Envision viewer.
  • GRAMS Converters Package.msi - This file will install the optional GAML converters.

Double-click on each of the files to start the installation process.


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